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Friday, January 16, 2015

InkJoy® Pens Review

Hello All, I hope you are having a great friday today I will be doing a review on a product called InkJoy Pens from Paper Mate that I received for free from Smiley 360. I have never heard of Inkjoy before but I have heard of the paper mate brand in the past and like them, so I was excited to try out these pens. 

Below is a list of what I received:

Your Smiley kit contains:
• $5 Gift Card to Walmart towards InkJoy® Pens - 300 or 550 series
• Sample Pack of InkJoy® Pens
• Smiley360 Sharing Guide

Product Information

The InkJoy® 300 RT features an extended rubberized grip for optimal comfort in writing. The translucent color-tinted body is modern and stylish, while the metal clip provides long lasting durability.

The InkJoy® 550 RT combines an hourglass shape with full-length grip to provide comfort no matter how the pen is held. The translucent and opaque materials flow together for a stylish look while the metal clip and accents provide long lasting durability.

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My overall opinion about these pens was great I really like how the pens write when you first use them they have a ball on them and when you continue to write the ball fall off. I received the InkJoy 300 RT pens and I really like them they came with 8 colors that I really liked my favorite colors were purple, blue and green I love how the colors look. 

I love to use these pen to write out my to do list and writing out my exercises. If you look at the above picture you can see how I write with the pens. I really loved these pen and can't wait to use my $5.00 gift card to pick a different Inkjoy pens.

I received these pens for free from Smiley 360

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