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Monday, August 17, 2015

Help determine new Mamava locations - for moms and babies on the go!

 Moms shouldn't have to use their breast pumps in a public bathroom, or struggle to find a comfortable place to feed their active baby while on the go. That's why Seventh Generation is proud to partner with Mamava on installing their private pods for moms who want to nurse, pump & feed in a quiet space.

 We invite Generation Good members to help make Mamava pod installations in every state an eventual reality. Start here and share with others! 

1. Learn about the Mamava pods recently installed in NY area airports.

2. Tell Seventh Generation where you would put a Mamava nursing & pumping pod! You do not have to be a new mom yourself to do this. It's about helping others too - and that's what makes Generation Good so great!

Visit the Mamava locator here.
Locate your ideal location for a pod on the map
Create a login to tell us where and why you want your Mamava pod there.
Hit nominate - and you're all set!
Location already nominated? Vote for it! New locations will pop up every day.
In two weeks we’ll put up four locations to choose from, and two will get pods

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