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Friday, October 10, 2014

Tazo Chai Tea Review

Hello Everyone,  hope all is well. Today I will be doing a review on a product that I received from smiley 360 for free. I have never tried chai tea and have heard friends and family talk about chai tea but not this brand. So I thank Smiley 360 for giving me the opportunity to try this product

The product I received is called Tazo Chai Tea. Below Is what I received in my smiley 360 kit.

• Full-value coupon for any TAZO® Chai filterbag tea or latte concentrate
• Two full-value coupons for any TAZO® Chai filterbag tea or latte concentrate to share with your closest friends or family
• TAZO® Chai tasting guide
• 1 TAZO® Classic Chai filterbag, 1 TAZO® Chocolate Chai filterbag and 1 TAZO®Vanilla Caramel Chai filterbag
• Smiley360 Sharing Guide

TAZO® Chai began there signature Chai tea in filterbags, which brings together classic spices such as ginger, pepper and cardamom for a deliciously distinct taste. We then developed smooth and creamy latte concentrates, the perfect way to enjoy our delightfully unexpected Chai flavors with milk.
Now we are introducing new flavors to Chai – from the sweet creaminess of Vanilla Caramel to the seasonal flavor of Pumpkin Spice, TAZO® believes there is truly a Chai for everyone.

I truly can say that my favorite products would have to be the filter bags, I love the flavor and it taste so good when I drink it early in the morning it so soothing. My favorite ones is the chocolate for in the morning and the classic before bed I really love there products.

As far as there latte concentrate I like it its okay but I love the the filter bags better the flavor is so much better. But overall I love the product and will definitely will be purchasing the filter bags. I think smiley 360 for giving me the opportunity to try these products for free.

If you are interested in joining smiley 360 click the link below:



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