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Sunday, April 10, 2016


Hello everyone I hope you are having a blessed day,today I am coming to you another book review. The book is called: 8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids By: Dr. Todd Cartmell, I received this book for free for my honest opinion from  FlyByPromotions. There is also a 50% coupon code below if you are interested in purchasing this book.


"I love my child, but parenting is hard."Whether you find parenting intuitive or impossible, we could all use a hand here and there. Let child psychologist and father Todd Cartmell walk you through the nuts and bolts of healthy, effective parenting.

Using examples from his home and 20 years of professional practice, Todd gives eight essential and practical tools to help you:

  •  Maintain a healthy relationship with your child
  • Develop a nurturing home culture
  • Correct behavior in lasting ways

Designed for busy parents, 8 Simple Tools breaks each tool into five short chapters that include a summary tip and application questions. Use even half of the tools in your parenting, and your family dynamics will thrive. Your relationship with your child will be built on love and trust, providing you with fertile ground for planting God’s wisdom in their heart, and ultimately, seeing them flourish.

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Dr. Todd Cartmell's FaceBook:

Free access to the HEARTS AT HOME "ESSENTIAL WORKSHOP COLLECTION FOR PARENTS" with every purchase: (so readers not only get 50% off with the coupon code at the code is good from April 15th to May 15th, but also get access to a slew of freebies).

My Thoughts

The book was a fast read I read it very quickly, and it is broken up into 8 different tools: Talking, Listening, Influencing, Connecting, Teaching, Encouraging, Correcting and Leading.  This book was well written and had some information that I knew and didn't know. All of the tools were very great tools but I had my favorites, I enjoyed  Tool #2 and My favorite listening tip was tip #1 ("Listening first will always help yo respond more wisely than if you have talked first") I totally agree a lot of situations can workout much better if everyone only listened.

Another tool I really liked was Tool #6, and it talked about a awesome encouraging  tip # 1, which was ( "Consistently pointing out positive behavior is a powerful way to transforms your child's habit") I definitely will be using this because I feel bad sometimes because I feel I don't bring up my children's positive behavior enough. I will be using this tool faithfully, I think my children will love it as well.   

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