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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet Review

Hello All I hope you are having a blessed day, today I will be doing another book review from I received a book called: Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet  By. David Miles Published by. Zondervan for free for my honest opinion.

Book Description

Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet is a level 2 I Can Read, written in the tradition of the bestselling NIV Adventure Bible. In this story, Elijah the prophet has a tough job to do—convince a stubborn king and the Israelites that God is greater than anyone, including the god Baal.

My Opinion
I really enjoyed this book and so did my son "Elijah" my son was named after Elijah the prophet. I got this book to read to  my son and to let him know the person he was named after, and who Elijah the prophet was. I love this book it was a easy read and my  son who is 5 was able to understand. I love how Elijah was used by god to spread the word and to do mighty works healing and miracles.

I love how God told Elijah to stop the rain because the israelites were following a baal and not the true and only God. I love how Elijah showed them who they should be following by doing the contest to see who's  god is the true living god and how the israelites found out that the true one was God not baal and the rain came back when the israelites realized who to worship.

This book was awesome and this is a must read, this book is awesome to read to the kiddos before bed I love the picture inside and so did my son this book is a I Can Read book so my son will definitely be learning to read this book.

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